In pursuant of Florida Statute 720.305(2), the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, Articles and By Laws for Summit Lake, the Association is requesting members to serve on its fining committee.

The purpose of the committee is to allow fines to be levied for violations of community standards. This process serves to:

  1. Deter violations.

  2. Prevent violations.

  3. Promote timely correction of violations.

  4. A means to recover costs incurred through the enforcement process of violations.

Fines are a course of last resort and will be imposed to those who disregard the rules, particularly but not only, when that disregard has negatively impacted property values or is adversely affecting the established common interests of the community as a whole.

***UPDATE as of January 2019***

A fining committee has been established with members from our community. Hearing notices with date and time will be sent directly to violators for an opportunity to respond and present evidence regarding the violation. If you do not attend a hearing after notice has been sent to you, it is deemed that you admit to the violation and the fine will be automatically imposed. See section on Fines.

Fines have been established by the Board of Directors and the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions guidelines as follows:

First Offense: $100 Second Offense: $260.00 Third Offense +: $390.00