Satellite Dishes

Outside signals receiving or sending antennas, dishes or devices are permitted without the consent of the Association so long as they are not visible from the street and are no larger than 30” diameter. No flagpoles are permitted without consent.

  • Installation is only permitted at the rear of unit

  • No roof installations

  • No wires (of any type) are permitted on the roofs, ends or fronts of buildings.

  • Cables shall be limited to the shortest possible exposed exterior distance from dish to the building entry point, and painted to match the exterior of the building. Advise your installation technician to use cables with colors matching (as close as possible) the exterior wall color. No black wires

  • All wires are to be secured against the building and when possible bend to follow the buildings’ trim as to not create an unsightly view

  • Any incursion into the structure that results in damage or water/moisture penetration is the homeowners’ responsibility to remediate

  • All installations shall be completed so that they do not damage the common areas, the lot or unit of any resident, or void any Association warranties, or in any way impair the integrity of buildings, common areas or lots

  • All equipment must be secured with a building mounted installation

  • Homeowners shall not permit equipment to fall into disrepair or to become safety hazards.

  • Homeowners are solely responsible for maintenance and repair

  • Homeowners shall be responsible for replacement if the exterior surface of equipment deteriorates

  • If equipment is removed for any reason, the homeowner must remediate any holes that were made relative to the installation, restoring the exterior to its condition prior to the installation including repainting

  • New homeowners and residents accept responsibility and assume maintenance for the equipment or shall remove the equipment and associated components of the installation and remediate as described above

  • Inactive satellite dishes, cables and hardware are not permitted. They must be removed and all holes filled, sealed and repainted

  • No flagpoles will be permitted