Architectural Request for Change (ARC)

Terms and conditions

As part of my Architectural Request for Change (ARC) submission I accept and agree that the following conditions apply:

  • Approval given is for appearance only. It does not imply or avert the necessity for you the owner to obtain approval(s) or permits required by appropriate governmental authorities.

  • I have read the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for Summit Lake and my request is in accordance with the rules. In addition, I assure the Rules and Regulations for Community Standards that apply to my project are being followed.

  • Once a modification is in place, I am responsible for maintaining it in accordance with all Association rules and regulations.


  1. Upon completion of any improvement, the owner shall give written notice of the completion of same to the approving party.

  2. Within 60 days thereafter, the approving party shall inspect the improvement, and if the approving party find that the improvise was not completed in conformance with the approved plans and specification, it shall notify the owner in writing of such non-compliance within said 60-day period, specifying the particulars of such non-compliance

  3. Within 30 days thereafter the owner shall correct the deficiencies set forth in the notice, and upon completion of the work required to correct the deficiencies, the owner shall again given the approving party notice of the completion of the work

  4. If for any reason the approving party fails to notify the owner of any deficient within 90 days after receipt of a notice of completion from the owner, the improvement shall be deemed to have been completed in accordance with the approval plans and specification.


The approving party shall not be liable to any owner in connection with the exercise or non exercise of architectural control hereunder, or the approval or disapproval of any improvement. An approval of any plans by the Board shall not be deemed to be a determination that such plans are complete or do not contain defects, or in fact meet any standards, guidelines and/or criteria of the Board or are in fact architecturally or aesthetically appropriate, or comply with any applicable governmental requirements, and the Board shall not be liable for any deficiency or injury resulting from any deficiency in such plans. If the Board approves any improvement, the same or a subsequent Board shall not be required to approve any similar improvement in the future, and the Association shall have the right in the future to withhold approval of similar improvements requested by another owner.


At the request of any owner, the association shall issue, without charge, a written certification that the improvements located upon the owner’s lot are not in violation of the provisions of this paragraph.