Correcting Violations

The purpose of a Homeowners Association is to protect the value of homes within a development. This is done by maintaining the common areas and ensuring residents adhere to the rules of the Association.

The Association has the right to enforce maintenance, design, cleanliness, décor, parking, painting, aesthetic and architectural standards.

In order to preserve the character and property value of our community, the Board of Directors has the responsibility to identify and correct violations as set by our governing documents, which include additional rules and regulations.

To fulfill this responsibility, the Board of Directors asks that all residents, whether owners or renters, conduct routine inspections of your their property to ensure that no violations exist.

In the event of a violation, the Association shall notify the owner and any tenant of the owner of the violation by written notice. If such violation is not corrected as soon as practicable and in any event within seven (7) days after such written notice, or the owner or tenant fails to commence and diligently proceed to completely correct such violation or if any similar violation is thereafter repeated, the Association may:

  • impose a fine against the owner or tenant

  • commence an action to enforce the performance on the part of the owner or tenant

  • commence an action to recover damages

  • taken any and all actions reasonably necessary to correct such failure, which actions may include removing any addition, alteration, improvement or change which has not been approved by the Association or performing any maintenance that is required by the Association rules.

All expenses incurred by the Association in connection with the correction of any failure, plus a service charge of ten percent (10%) of such expenses, all expenses incurred by the Association in connection with any legal proceedings to enforce the Association rules, including reasonable attorneys' fee whether or not incurred in legal proceedings, shall be assessed against the owner, and shall be due upon written demand by the Association.

As mentioned in the rules and regulations for prospective renters, any single violation of the rules or the governing documents of Summit Lake is cause for immediate eviction.