No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be permitted except for common household domestic pets. No more than two cats or two dogs or the combination of each is permitted. No pit bull terriers are permitted. Any pet must be carried or kept on a leash when outside or fenced in area. No pet shall be kept outside of unit or in any screened porch or patio unless someone is present in the unit. No pet shall be permitted to go or stray. Any pet must not be an unreasonable nuisance or annoyance to other residents. Any residents shall immediately pickup and remove any solid animal waste deposited by his pet. No commercial breeding of pets is permitted. The Association may require any pet to be immediately and permanently removed from the property due to a violation of these rules.

  • Residents shall ensure that all pets are licensed, microchip and vaccinated as required by local law

  • Pets are not allowed in the pool area

  • Pets must be registered with the management office along with a colored photographed of pet

  • Mandatory DNA testing of dogs that appear to violate the breed pet rule at owner’s expense

  • Each lot is privately owned and pets are not allowed on neighboring units for waste elimination purposes. Please walk your pets close to the pet waste stations and/or common areas and away from private front and rear lots.

  • All waste/excrements must be immediately collected and properly disposed of by pet handler. Proper disposal means no waste/excrements shall be visibly left or stored outside any unit.

  • Anyone needing a service/emotional support animal that violates the established pet rules should refer to the “Reasonable Accommodation Policy” to determine qualification and submit an application.

  • Annual re-registration of pets and animals may be required

  • Caregivers for free-roaming cats (outdoor/feral cats) must register through the “Community Cat Program”

  • Recommendation: mulch an area of your landscape with natural wood mulch so it blends in well so your dog can urinate somewhere other than on the grass.

Palm Beach County ordinance state “the owner of every dog and cat shall be responsible for the removal of any feces deposited by his/her animal on public property, public walks, public beaches, recreation areas or private property of others”.