The placement, replacement and maintenance of the landscaping at the front of the units shall be performed exclusively by the Association. No owner shall install or maintain any landscaping on any portion of his lot to be maintained by the Association, without the prior written consent of the Board. All other landscaping shall be maintained by the owner in first class condition and appearance. Mowing, watering, trimming, fertilizing and weed, insect and disease control shall be performed by the owner.

All landscaped areas shall be primarily grass and shall not be paved or covered in gravel or any artificial surface. All dead or diseased sod, plants, shrubs, trees, or flowers shall be promptly removed and replaced. Excessive weeds and underbrush or unsightly growth shall be promptly removed. No artificial grass, plants or other artificial vegetation shall be placed or maintained upon the exterior of any unit.

Each lot had an original landscape plan approved by the builder at the time of construction. Substantial variations from the plan requires an Architectural Request for Change (ARC) form prior to modifying.

Rocks/stones may be used to supplement landscape designs but should not compromise or cover fifty percent (50%) of the space. Stones cannot be less than 2 inches in diameter. Pea gravel is not permitted. The use of mulch should be limited to less than fifty percent (50%) of the space.

Request an ARC form

Additional Rules and Regulations for Community Standards apply, ensure all conditions are being followed.