No unit shall be permanently occupied by more than two persons for each bedroom in the unit. Temporary guests are permitted so long as they do not create an unreasonable source of noise or annoyance to the other residents.

All leases of a unit must be in writing and copies of all leases shall be delivered to the Association prior to occupancy by the tenant(s). No lease shall be for a period of less than 3 months, and no unit may be leased more than two times in any consecutive 12 month period.

  1. All prospective owners and tenants must submit themselves to an application process (fees may apply).

  2. The applicant screening process includes a review of credit and payment history, relevant criminal history, landlord and/or property management reference, and an HOA interview.

  3. Occupancy prior to approval is prohibited.

  4. All leases MUST INCLUDE ALL OCCUPANTS RESIDING IN THE UNIT regardless of age.

  5. Any additional occupants must be reported to the management office PRIOR to occupancy regardless of age, additional occupants with a minimum age of 18 years old must submit themselves to the applicant screening process. “Additional Occupant” applications for a unit that is currently under a lease agreement will require an updated lease from the owner to include the new occupant.

  6. The approval process for resales and leases require a lot inspection to determine if any improvements located upon the owner’s lot are in violation of the governing rules. If any, the current owner must correct any violations prior to approval. This includes any modification waivers previously issued.

  7. Prospective owners assume all previous lot modifications including any building, fence, wall, patio area, landscaping, driveway, walkway, or any other alteration, addition, an improvement that may or may not have received approval.

  8. Owners who lease their units must have HOA fees paid up-to-date and clear of any past due money before approvals are given.

  9. Leases are required to be updated and approved yearly in order to renew tenant parking permits.

  10. The lease renewal process includes a review for violations, tenant concerns and/or complaints, any past dues and/or fees. Renewals can be conducted via telephone or virtual conference. Owner’s can appoint representatives to conduct renewals with prior written permission. Tenants cannot serve as representatives of the owner during a lease renewal.The lease renewal process is not intended as an applicant screening process. No fees apply.