Each Owner shall maintain his unit and all improvements and personal property upon his lot in first class condition at all times. The exterior of all units including but not limited to doors, windows, patio areas, screenings, and awnings shall be maintained in first class condition and repair and in a neat and attractive manner. All sidewalks, driveways and parking areas within the owner’s lot or serving the owner’s unit shall be cleaned and kept free of debris and cracks, damaged and/or eroding areas on it shall be repaired, replaced and/or resurfaced as necessary.

Sidewalks, Driveways and Parking Areas

  • Must be kept clear of pet waste, animal droppings and stagnant water. These are health hazards.

Exterior Light Fixtures

  • There are no design guidelines for exterior fixtures

  • Exterior lighting shall remain in working order at all times

  • Exterior fixtures that have become deteriorated must be repaired immediately.

  • Expose wiring is prohibited