Only automobiles, vans, pick-up trucks with a carrying capacity of 1 ton or less, and other vehicles manufactured and used as private passenger vehicles may be parked within the subject property overnight. No vehicle containing commercial lettering, signs, or equipment, and no truck, boat recreational vehicle, camper, trailer, or vehicle other than a private passenger vehicle may be parked or stored outside of a unit overnight. The Association shall assign one parking space to each unit. No overnight parking is permitted on any streets, lawns, or areas other than driveways. The owner and residents of any unit may not keep more than two vehicles on a permanent basis. All vehicles must be in good condition and repair, and no vehicle which does not contain a current license plate or which cannot operate on its own power shall be parked within the property for more than 24 hours and no major repair of any vehicles shall be made. All-terrain vehicles and the like are not permitted to be operated or parked overnight. The foregoing restriction shall not be deemed to prohibit the temporary parking of commercial vehicles while making a delivery to or from or while used in connection with providing services or the temporary parking of vehicles owned by governmental law enforcement agencies. Any permitted motorized vehicle must be licensed for street use and equipped with appropriate noise muffling equipment so that the operation does not create an unreasonable annoyance to the residents.

  • Oversized vehicles are not allowed. Vehicles that do not fit completely in a parking space including “dually” vehicles and vehicles with more than two (2) axles are not permitted.

  • Motorcycles and mopeds are considered vehicles and are subject to all parking rules.

  • Vehicles with visible work supplies or equipment including but not limited to ladder racks, equipment racks, tools, parts, or other commercial equipment are not permitted. Includes any equipment or tools kept in the bed of a pick-up truck.

  • Commercial vehicles with equipment or lettering are only permitted temporarily and for the purpose of completing contracted service and for the duration of the service that is to be performed. If requested, proof of contract must be provided at the time the vehicle is present. No overnight parking of commercial vehicles is permitted.

  • Vehicles that produce excessive noise are not permitted and considered a nuisance.

  • Minor maintenance is allowed for the following:

  • Tire change or inflation

  • Replacement of light bulbs and windshield wipers

  • Replacement or charging of a battery

  • Cleaning and washing of a personal vehicle

  • Draining, replacement, or adding of any fluid which includes oils is not permitted other than windshield wiper fluid.


  • Parking rules are enforced nightly between 12:00 AM (midnight) to 7:00 AM.

  • Parking permits have a designated placement, failure to adhere to placement may cause a vehicle to be towed. Follow instructions carefully!

  • Only one vehicle per parking space.

  • Motorcycles must occupy their own parking space and not park on sidewalks or between cars and sidewalks. Motorcycles may not be stored anywhere other than a parking space. Motorcycles are subjected to local traffic laws. Do not drive across sidewalks or landscaped areas.

  • Regardless of the presence of a parking permit or guest parking permission and regardless of the time of day, if a vehicle violates the rules, it is subjected to being towed at the owner’s expense. Violation warnings are given as a courtesy and are not required prior to towing.


  • All vehicles parked overnight require a parking permit or guest parking permission.

  • Parking permits are managed, assigned, and distributed by PARKINGPASS.COM and must be requested by residents only.

  • Parking permits are available for assignment after the Residential Application is approved.

  • Owners will not be issued parking permits or guest parking permissions on behalf of their tenants.

  • Parking permits are non-transferrable. New permits are required for every new resident and vehicle.

  • Only two valid permanent parking permits at a time per unit.

  • Parking permits are assigned to each unit and registered to each vehicle’s license plate, if a parking permit is placed on a vehicle not assigned to the unit, the permit becomes invalidated and the vehicle is subject to being towed. Vehicles with temporary plates will be issued special parking permits.

  • If a vehicle is being repaired, a special parking permit should be requested for the borrowed vehicle.

  • If a permanent change in vehicle occurs, a replacement parking permit must be requested. Transferring permits between vehicles will cause your vehicle to be towed.

  • Motorcycles and mopeds count toward the two-vehicle max per unit and must display a parking permit or receive guest parking permission.

  • Assigned spaces are for permanent vehicles of the unit only. No guest vehicles.

  • A second permanent vehicle may park in the guest space adjoining the unit’s assigned space.

  • Permanent resident vehicles may not park in guest spaces leaving assigned parking space open and unused.

  • Tenant parking permits expire on the month, date, and year of their current lease agreement and must be renewed by the tenant. Any vehicle with an expired parking permit is subject to being towed.

  • Vehicles that do not have a permanent parking permit are to park in guest spaces that are located away from units that have two permanent vehicles regardless of the time of day as to not create a nuisance to permanent residents.

  • To obtain parking permits, residents must register their vehicle(s) directly online. A valid and updated driver’s license and a valid and updated vehicle registration(s) with the resident’s name and the Summit Lake address are required. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Guest parking spaces must be reserved nightly on a first come first serve availability. There are a limited number of guest spaces available per night of eighteen (18).

  • Each unit is allotted fifty-three (53) guest permissions per year. Passes can be used consecutively or spread throughout the year. One pass per unit per night. Unused passes do not roll over.

  • Guest permissions are assigned to each unit with a unique passcode. Permissions cannot be traded, copy, borrowed, sold, or rented to another unit. Violations will result in the permanent revocation of guest parking permission for all units involved.

  • If there are special circumstances that require more than the allotted guest permissions, a written request should be submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration. There is absolutely no guarantee the request will be granted due to severe parking space limitations.

  • Any event that will cause more than one guest vehicle to be parked after parking enforcement begins will require special “temporary” permission prior to the event. A written request should be submitted to the Board of Directors to include the date, number of vehicles, and hours being requested. If the request is for 2 or more hours after enforcement hours begin, an equal number of guest permissions will be deducted for each vehicle. Guest vehicles must park in a designated area assigned by the Board. Vehicles that are not removed after temporary permission ends are subject to being towed and future requests may be denied.

Parking rules and regulations; defined and adopted May 4, 2010 at a duly posted and attended Board Meeting.

Parking Permit Allocation and Compliance ; defined and adopted September 1, 2010 at a duly posted and attended Board Meeting.